Sunday, November 6, 2011

Farewell New York

The move from New York back to California was a long and painful process on many levels. From March to September we spent countless hours of sorting, trashing, donating and packing, and still found ourselves with so much STUFF to have loaded into a semi and shipped across the USA. I deliberately took no pictures of this crazy endeavor. Then there was our NY home to sell in a market that just couldn't find the bottom. There were sad goodbyes to our dear friends and all the minute logistics of leaving jobs, shipping vehicles, closing accounts, forwarding mail...yadayada

BUT! We did it and are thrilled to be renting a condo in beautiful Avila Beach nearer our children & grandchildren. It took 10 people ( including the 4 outside of camera range) to sign the sale papers on our home.
The semi loaded with our earthly goods arrived at Ryan's Ranch on the morning of September 19th to sort what what was being moved to our Avila Beach Condo and what was to be stored in Ryan's barn. To our amazement, this California black bear showed up on scene.
Papa enjoys some time with our newest grandson Nolan
Our first weekend in SLO we gathered with family and friends at the barn to celebrate Abby's 9th birthday. The party theme was centered around Abby's love of Art.
The guests had fun creating artwork and at Abby's request for a Vincent Van Gogh, Leanne created this beautiful recreation of "Starry Starry Night"

The following weekend brought a visit from Nathan, Megan and boys. Here we are at Avila Farms where we took a hay ride to the Apple Orchard.


Meagan said...

Aw. New York will be less awesome without you. So glad you guys are closer to family (and us!). Hope to visit you sometime soon!

stephanie said...

so happy for your newest adventure! :)

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